Welcome to H.O.G. #4429

Welcome to the St. Paul Harley-Davidson Owners Group

The Harley Owners Group, St. Paul H.O.G Chapter #4429 is sponsored by St. Paul Harley-Davidson in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  It’s an opportunity to bring passionate Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners together to RIDE and HAVE FUN on their Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

The St Paul H.O.G. Chapter’s main purpose is to enjoy the sport of riding our Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Our goal is to RIDE and HAVE FUN! If you are looking for the opportunity to meet new friends or gather with old friends, St. Paul H.O.G. is a great group to be a part of. Our Chapter prides itself on being ALWAYS INCLUSIVE and NEVER EXCLUSIVE!

The St. Paul H.O.G. Chapter Core Principles:

  1. Ride and Have Fun!
  2. Support the Dealership.
  3. Help Build Ridership.
  4. Respect and welcome the diverse demographic of riders that St. Paul H.O.G. represents and welcomes into the Chapter.
  5. Support the Brand that is Harley-Davidson and all it stands for.
  6. Focus all activities on riding and fellowship.
  7. Promote a safe environment for furthering skills and education about riding.
  8. Never engage in conduct unbecoming of these core principles that guide the chapter either privately or publicly as being a member of St. Paul H.O.G. is a 24/7 representation of our Chapter, its members, and the dealership that sponsors it.
  9. Our members ride and promote the riding of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.

If you’re looking for a group guided by these principles to be a member of and enjoy, we’d love to have you. To become a member, you must first have a current H.O.G. Membership through the National Harley Owners Group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  If you need help, please let us know by contacting one of our officers.  Currently, there are no dues to be a member of our Chapter but we all know how giving the motorcycle community is with very little recognition in return and it is one of our visions to play a philanthropic role in the community in the future and hope to see our chapter support this vision in its efforts also.

St. Paul Harley-Davidson is owned by both Dale Rhoads and myself. We met in the business 20 plus years ago and have both been close friends and associates in the business for 25 plus years, both starting in entry-level dealership roles and building our careers around customer service and passion for Harley-Davidson and the Sport. We will transcend this experience we have into supporting our Chapter like we do our Dealerships in an effort to always be World Class! Ride Safe!

Justin Johnson
St. Paul Harley-Davidson
HOG Director
Dealership GM/Owner

What are you waiting for…Join in the FUN!

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