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How do I join the St. Paul H.O.G.® Chapter?

You must be a member of National H.O.G.®. Grab your credit card and your Harley’s VIN and visit or call (800-CLUB-HOG) Once you have your National H.O.G.® number, bring it, and these documents, signed and completed to the next chapter meeting or event.

Membership Application

Chapter Event Release form for Minors

Minor’s Assumption of Risk Acknowledgement

I’m already in a chapter, can I transfer to St. Paul H.O.G.® Chapter?

Once you are a National H.O.G.® member you may join as many local chapters as you like.

Why do you care if I’m a National H.O.G.® member or not? Why can’t I just join the local chapter? Joining National is another $49 per year. Associate membership is just $29 per year.

This is a requirement put forth by the national organization. If you are not a member of National H.O.G.®, you cannot be a member of any local chapter. If your National membership lapses, so does your St. Paul H.O.G.® Chapter membership.

I didn’t buy my bike from St. Paul Harley-Davidson®. Can I still join?

If you are a member of National H.O.G.®, yes you may join St. Paul H.O.G.®! Of course, we encourage all of our members to support the Dealership that sponsors the Chapter as motorcycle sales are the true lifeblood of the Dealership that we all enjoy and we ask you at least give them the opportunity to earn your business when buying a bike but it is not required. Plus they make it near impossible for their HOG Members to buy a bike anywhere else with the way they take care of their Chapter Members in a Bike Purchase…..