St. Paul H.O.G.$reg; Chapter #2454


The following items are for sale at every Chapter meeting. Look for Larry Maurus. The inventory is subject to change and might be sold out, but we will order more to replenish the stock as soon as possible. The items sold are priced at cost, the Chapter makes no profit from selling these items, they are made available as a convenience to Members. If there is an item you would like to see made available, let Larry know and we can look into ordering it.

For items marked as "special order", we will take names and collect money from those interested in buying, and send in the order once the minimum is reached. Prices may vary.

Description Price Each
Large Chapter Badge (Rocker). Classic gold or silver/black. $19
Small Chapter Badge (Rocker). Classic gold or silver/black. $9
Round Chapter Badge $14
Large HOG Patch. Classic gold, silver/black, or "new style" gold. $14
Small Hog Patch. Classic gold, or silver/black, or "new style" gold. $5
Winged Skull Patch $15
Name Badge. Special order, 12 minimum. $8
Chapter Bike Flag 15x11.5. Special order, 12 minimum. $30