Rider Safety

Riding Comfort with Safety Alex

Ride Instruction

Training is essential for every rider, whether new or experienced. There are several ways to get or stay current. Harley-Davidson® offers Riders Edge courses suitable for every experience level. Instruction is also available through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. For more information on when and where classes are available, please visit their websites at:

Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Group Riding

Riding safely is the responsibility of each rider in the group. Each ride will be lead by a road captain. The road captain will review safety rules before every ride. Each rider is expected to follow the safety rules. The safe riding rules are detailed in the Chapter Ride Policy. You should also become familiar with the group riding information in the HOG® Chapter Handbook, starting on page 84.

Chapter Ride Policy

The chapter ride policy contains everything you need to know about the rules of a chapter ride.

Road Captains

All St. Paul H.O.G® Chapter Road Captains are volunteers and are often times present on our Chapter rides to help assure the safety of all ride participants. On each ride, the Road Captains have the following responsibilities:

  • Help the Ride Leader facilitate rides and be comfortable in leading a ride safely from start to finish
  • If you will be the Ride Leader design a safe ride route
  • All participating Road Captains can pre-ride routes prior to ride date but this IS NOT REQUIRED
  • Help make sure all riders and passengers have either signed in or, if guests, signed waivers
  • Demonstrate hand signals during the pre-ride briefing and point out any safety considerations along the route
  • Serve as mentors to Assistant Road Captains
  • Discretely & politely provide constructive tips to participants on the rides, as may be necessary
  • Help position riders on ride based on their preference
  • Do NOT block intersections
  • Others duties as assigned by the Director

The Chapter encourages anyone wishing to become a Road Captain (or RC) to:

  • Have a valid Driver’s License and Motorcycle endorsement
  • Be a current St. Paul H.O.G.® Chapter member
  • Successfully Serve as an apprentice to a Road Captain  (be assigned to a Certified Road Captain by the Director two days prior to each ride)

To continue as a Road Captain in subsequent riding seasons, you are encouraged to:

  • Maintain current St. Paul H.O.G.® membership
  • Commit to and lead or assist in 2-3 St. Paul H.O.G.® rides per season