Welcome to the Harley Owners Group


The Harley Owners Group, St. Paul H.O.G Chapter #4429 is sponsored by St. Paul Harley-Davidson in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We get together every month as a group to announce upcoming rides and events. It's an opportunity to bring like-minded Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners together to RIDE and HAVE FUN on their Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  As a member, we offer a chance to ride as a group, attend H.O.G. events, and experience the strong camaraderie between Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners all over the country.

The St Paul H.O.G. Chapter's main purpose is to enjoy the sport of riding our Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Our goal is to RIDE and HAVE FUN. If you are looking for the opportunity to meet new friends or gather with old friends, it can happen with H.O.G.  Come join us on scenic day trips, overnight adventures, dinner rides, or extraordinary events throughout the year.

The St. Paul H.O.G. Chapter:

  • Is not a charity or a fund-raising organization, even though we support various organizations to raise awareness for different causes.
  • We are not involved in any type of political or religious connections, nor a channel to complain about dealership operations.
  • We want the sport of motorcycling to grow, we want to protect the H-D and H.O.G. brand. Our members ride Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.

If any of this peak your interest, then you should come join St. Paul H.O.G. Chapter. To become member, you must first have a current H.O.G. Membership through the National Harley Owners Group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  If you need help, please let us know by contacting one of our officers.  Your first season membership will be on us! If you like what you see, you can renew your membership the next year for all that fun!  The annual membership is just $20.


Dennis Johnson Jr (Dee)


Assistant Director
Erin Wiesner


Upcoming Riding Classes!!

Want to build your riding skills this season? Here are a couple opportunities to get more experience to help you feel more confident in your riding ability!


NOTICE: The class schedule has changed. See below for updated schedule.

Classes are only available for “Chapter 4429” members.

Intermediate Class:

Date: 07/28/19 8-1pm

Location: Century College (closed course)

Cost: $300.00/Group (6 people at $50.00/person, 12 people at $25.00/person)

Participants: 6 minimum / 12 max


If you wish to participate you must sign up by 07/05/19.


Want to attend or have other questions?

Contact our safety officer Dan Herrick at safety.stpaulhog@gmail.com.


*** Class qualifies for tuition reimbursement of up to $50.00 through the H.O.G. official website. (Reimbursement can be received for 1 course per calendar year.)***


*** Class will be canceled if there are not enough participants registered. Refunds will be provided to those signed up in the case of cancellations. ***

What are you waiting for...Join us!

Click the Membership link to get more information on how to join our chapter and start your adventure!