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How do I join the St. Paul H.O.G.® Chapter?

You must be a member of National H.O.G.®. Grab your credit card and your Harley's VIN and visit or call (800-CLUB-HOG) Once you have your National H.O.G.® number, bring it, and these documents, signed and completed with $20 to the next chapter meeting:

Membership Application

Chapter Event Release form for Minors

Minor's Assumption of Risk Acknowledgement

I'm already in a chapter, can I transfer to St. Paul H.O.G.® Chapter?

Once you are a National H.O.G.® member you may join as many local chapters as you like.

When I bought my new bike from St. Paul Harley-Davidson® I got a red coupon for a free membership in your chapter. Why do I have to redeem that at a meeting. Can't you just automatically sign me up?

By redeeming your coupon at a meeting you have shown a willingness to join so we will carry you the first year for free confident that you will enjoy yourself and become a dues-paying member when you renew.

Why do you care if I'm a National H.O.G.® member or not? Why can't I just join the local chapter? Joining National is another $49 per year.  Associate membership is just $29 per year.

This is a stipulation put forth by the national organization. If you are not a member of National H.O.G.®, you cannot be a member of any local chapter. If your National membership lapses, so does your St. Paul H.O.G.® Chapter membership.

I didn't buy my bike from St. Paul Harley-Davidson®. Can I still join?

If you are a member of National H.O.G.®, yes you may join St. Paul H.O.G.®!